Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wrappin' Up: Day 4 ...

Mmm, eggs benedict this morning - a good way to build some energy for the last day of SU! convention. The general session got started with a couple game show rounds testing SU! employees from the home office about their stamping knowledge. Of course, it was all aimed at driving up the $$$ that the participating demonstrators received for a stamping shopping spree (a la the "5th Grader" gameshow on TV now).

Afternoon was full of some more classes including a session on new ways to use products ya' might already have ... get your markers ready ...

20 Ways to Use Your Markers

I'll be posting samples of each of these techniques ... have you tried all of these techniques yet? Think about what else you can do with a marker ...

  1. Coloring Book ... color your stamped outline images. Tip: use watercolor paper to avoid lines when coloring (the paper absorbs the color more quickly for a smooth look)

  2. Coloring on Dark Cardstock ... stamp an image in Whisper White craft ink and heat set then color the image with markers for a striking look.

  3. Color on B&W photos ... light colors work best for adding a bit of color to your pictures

  4. Watercoloring ... create a palette for watercoloring

  5. Shading ... pick up a slightly darker shade of ink thanks to a re-inker on the tip of your marker.

  6. Omitting ... color just the part of the image you want to stamp.

  7. Embossing ... stamp your image in Versamark, color with your markers & emboss with clear embossing powder.

  8. Marker to Stamp/Shading ... similar to the earlier shading but this time using 3 marker colors.

  9. Water Misting ... aka the faux-water color technique

  10. Color Spritzer on Backgrounds ... add a spritz of color to your backgrounds

  11. Color Spritzer on Stamps: The Sequel ... spritz on your inked rubber image for a bit more splash

  12. Thumping ... Ink your stamp in a neutral color and then "thump" the marker on the stamp to create some color

  13. Backgrounds with Kaleidescope Color ... markers, plastic sheets & water to create a background swirl

  14. Dying Ribbon ... have white grosgrain ribbon & markers and create any color ribbon you choose!

  15. Dying Pretties Flowers ... spritz a bit of water and start coloring.

  16. Dying Pretties Pearls ... color the pearl & emboss to seal in the color.

  17. Dying Your Hair ... really. If you have light hair, give yourself a festive color streak for Halloween or other special event.

  18. Color in the Classy Brass Template ... with the template as your guide, create all sorts of cool images.

  19. Color Splash on Wheels ... ink up your wheel and add an extra pop of color by removing ink (with a pastel applicator) and adding a new color from your markers.
  20. Doodle & Journal ... of course! write & doodle with your marker.

Like I said, I need to start playing with these techniques ... any questions, just ask!

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Linda McClain said...

I just had a customer purchase all the SU markers. Thank you so much for posting this. I'll print it out and give it to her with her order. Linda