Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stamp Kit in Action!

I dig seeing how many variations can come from the same set of supplies. For example, I made some "Tote n' Notes" kits in May using the same basic supplies from the "Summer Days" Simply Scrappin' Kit. Tonight, my friend Kiersten sent me pics of the Tote & Notes she made from the kit. Check 'em out!

Kiersten used the same paper that I used for my tote - but the flip side (the joy of double-sided designer paper). My bag featured stripes and we each decorated the 3x3 notes using self-adhesive die-cuts from the kit and our own personal style.



Monkey said...

That tote is so awesome! I am so wanting one right now and wondering how you guys make those! I LOVE the orange!!

Corie said...

This bag is so adorable!!